Downing and Sons cc Flexible,
short term loans
Our short term loans help Government Employees manage their cash flow. If you need a cash loan to tide you over for a short while, we're here for you. Loan Information
Downing and Sons cc Personal Loans
up to R8,000
It is easy to apply for a personal loan of up to R8,000 with our simple and easy to understand loan application process. The Loan Process
Downing and Sons cc Flexible,
short term loans
Our short term loans help Government Employees manage their cash flow. If you need a cash loan to tide you over for a short while, we're here for you. Loan Information

Flexible, short-term loans that give you back control

We are a short-term loans and credit provider helping government employees manage their cash flow. If you need a cash loan to tide you over for a short while, we’re here for you. Our personal loan process is simple and easy to understand.

Downing and Sons cc
We have been in the micro lending business since October 2003 and our offices are situated in Pietermaritzburg.
We are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCRCP 197) to be able to lend money. This can be confirmed here by keying in the business name of Downing and Sons cc.
The maximum interest, fees and insurance premiums that can be charged is regulated by them.

As a borrowing tip remember the following

If you cannot afford the repayments, do not borrow
Make sure the micro lender you are dealing with is registered with the National Credit Regulator
Credit Provider
If you are required to pay to obtain an unsecured loan, then it is most probably a scam

To avoid an adverse action on non-payments – on collection practices.

Contact your loan service provider immediately if you reconsider your decision on accepting the loan or paying it back. 

Give yourself time plus the opportunity to consider rescheduling or choosing other options for your loan repayment. Do so by contacting your loan service provider directly and immediately in the event of your possible non-payment. 

Additional costs and interest may incur by choosing different options or considering rescheduling your repayments with your loan service provider.

Not making or attempting to make contact with your loan service provider, and not updating them about your circumstance or the decision to make changes, due to you having decided that repayment is too hard to make, or for whatever other reason will result in your service provide contacting the third party. The third party is a loan/debt collector, organization, and agency, who then attempt to recover your outstanding loan repayments debt.

Loan service providers reserve the right to decide to use a “Continuous Payment Authority” to repeatedly attempt to solicit payment from your bank account – up until 90 days – over your contractually agreed upon date. An attempt of this kind can only happen if it is in your loan term agreement.

To avoid the implications of non-payment

Avoid implications of non-payment for your loan repayment. These could include adverse non-payment details that get incorporated into your credit report. Non-payment could negatively affect your future attempts to obtain a loan. As well as other financials you may want to consider undertaking. You may be charged additional charges upon your loan by your loan service provider.

If you miss a payment, your loan service provider will try to contact you. Usually directly, in writing, or by phone, to try and recover the funds. Your loan service provider will need to discuss the possible repayment options and dates that would suit you. You must contact your loan service provider timely if you know you cannot meet the repayment agreed in your contract.

To consider important details and for remembering.

If you cannot afford the repayments, do not borrow. Contact your loan service provider if you have any doubt that you will not meet your payment. Or the knowledge that you will not be able to pay the loan back at all.

You should repay your loan on the date agreed upon to avoid being reported to the Credit Reference Agency by your provider. Or for not complying with your agreed upon date of payment, between yourself and your loan service provider, to not harm the overall credit score. A negative impact on your credit score from an unpaid loan can hinder your process for further loan applications (financing of home loans, car finance, or even cell phones, etc.)

Defaulting payment comes with a charge for collection (this charge/fee will vary from loan service provider to provider). Your loan service provider may even charge you interest on the balance due. Usually, at the cost agreed upon in your loan agreement terms.

All costs incurred by your loan service provider to try and enforce collection will fall to you. Your loan service provider has this right to do this, as under your agreement signed.

To consider the Renewal Policy for your loan.

Your loan service provider may offer you a renewal of your loan at any stage of your agreement. If you wish to have an additional or renewed loan with your loan service provider, you may directly contact them. Please remember, a loan service provider must check and make sure you can afford the loan and its repayments.

Should you plan on renewing or taking out additional loans, you need to do this with the full understanding, knowledge, and consideration of costs involved at any point in time.

Please be aware that late or non-payments can and will result in more interest and unwanted costs on top of your loan.

Remember, non-payment or late payments can result in further interest and unwanted costs to your loan amount or account.

Loans & Credit Information

Although lending money is our business , we assess each application taking into account the clients bank statement, salary advice and credit check so as to avoid over – indebtedness.

As your short-term loans credit provider we ensure that the entire process is available in only a few clicks. With the flexibility of choice when it comes to cash loans, applicant’s can borrow exactly how much they need, and the time period they need, before they can pay it back.